African Pompano

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Culinary Details

Food Rating : 8.5

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Average Weight/Length

2 lbs 18 in. - 20 in.

Other "Popular" Names for this Fish

Threadfish, Cuban Jack, Flechudo

Location Habitat

The African pompano is distributed throughout the tropical oceans and seas of the world in a temperature range of 65 to 80 °F (18 to 27 °C), although is more often found in coastal waters. The species has been recorded from both the east and west coasts of the USA, South America and Africa, throughout the Indian Ocean and along Asia and Australia, as well as many islands in the Pacific. Adults frequently in channels or holes, over sandy flats, around reefs, and at times over mud bottoms; usually solitary or in small schools; smaller fish tolerate brackish water. Spawn offshore. During the summer, juveniles are found in large schools especially in the surf zone along sandy beaches. Adults feed on mollusks, crabs, shrimps, and small fishes; juveniles on benthic invertebrates. Excellent food fish (Ref. 9626). Highly esteemed game fish caught on light tackle

Biology & Physical Description

The African pompano is a schooling predatory fish which takes predominantly a variety of crustaceans, including decapods, carids and copepods, as well as cephalopods and small fish. They are preyed upon by larger fish, including mackerel and tunas, as well as sharks. Like many of the Carangidae, the African pompano is a deep and laterally compressed fish, with the deepest point of the body located between the origin of the dorsal and anal fins and having the head and tail tapering either side. Dorsal spines (total): 6 - 7; Dorsal soft rays (total): 18-21; Anal spines: 2-3; Anal soft rays: 16 - 18. Dorsal and anal fins have very long, dark anterior lobes. No scutes; a broad patch of orange-yellow on abdomen in front of anal fin; pectoral fins blackish.

Geographic Species Map ( Map)

Summary of Distribution: Western Atlantic: Massachusetts, USA to southeastern Brazil, including Bahamas and many of the West Indies.

Note: Distribution range colors indicate degree of suitability of habitat which can be interpreted as probabilities of occurrence (

Sport Fishing Techniques


Drift fishing allows you to fish over a variety of habitats as your boat drifts with the currents or wind movement. You can drift fish on the bottom or change the depth with a bobber or float. Natural baits work best. But jigs, lures and artificial flies will produce good results, too. You can drift fish on the ocean, as well as ponds, lakes, rivers and streams any time of the day and year..

Tackle & Baits

As one of the pets of the light-tackle fraternity, most African Pompano are caught by jigging deep in the vicinity of wrecks or offshore dropoffs with spinning and baitcasting tackler; or by fishing deep with light ocean tackle and live bait. They generally hang too deep to interest fly fishermen, although a few have been caught by blind-fishing over wrecks with sinking lines, or by chumming them to the surface with live chum. A variety of heavy jigs and large streamers will work especially if trimmed with silvery Mylar. Pinfish, Pilchards and similar small fish are the live baits of choice. Africans are occasionally caught by trolling over the reefs with feathers or rigged baits.

Game Rating

Game Rating : 8/10

Game Description :

One of the toughest light-tackle customers around, the African fights much like other big Jacks, but uses its flat side to even greater advantage, and exhibits a peculiar, circling tactic that puts the angler to a thorough test.

Food Rating

Game Rating : 8.5/10

Game Description :


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