Jack (Barred)

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Culinary Details

Food Rating : 8

Excellent; less red meat than most Jacks.
Nutritional Values:
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Seasonality, Forms, Yields, Shelf Life & Quality Control

Availability & Seasonality

Product Forms & Yields

Shelf Life & Quality Control

Average Weight/Length

Averages a pound or so. Reaches at least 5 pounds on occasion

Other "Popular" Names for this Fish

Skipjack, Bahamas Runner, Reef Runner, Cibi Mancho

Location Habitat

Likes sandy beach areas, clear, grassy flats and coral reefs. Common in clear insular areas or in coral reefs off mainland coasts. Juveniles frequent areas with algae (e.g. Sargassum). Usually in schools which may be spawning groups; occasionally solitary. Feeds on fishes, shrimps and other invertebrates. Marketed fresh. Easily approached. Large individuals have caused ciguatera when eaten

Biology & Physical Description

Streamlined shape. Hard scutes forward of tail. Bright blue and black topside with silvery sides and a thin deep-purple stripe extending from behind the head into the lower lobe of the tail. Dorsal spines (total): 8 - 9; Dorsal soft rays (total): 26-30; Anal spines: 2-3; Anal soft rays: 23 - 26

Geographic Species Map (Fishbase.org Map)

Summary of Distribution: Western Atlantic: New Jersey (USA), Bermuda, and Gulf of Mexico to southern Brazil; throughout the Caribbean Sea. Most common in the West Indies

Note: Distribution range colors indicate degree of suitability of habitat which can be interpreted as probabilities of occurrence (fishbase.org)

Tackle & Baits

Most sport will be obtained with light spinning tackle. Also a good fly fish, again with lighter outfits. Takes live shrimp, live minnows, Bonefish jigs and flies and other small lures.

Game Rating

Game Rating : 8.5/10

Game Description :

Though usually small, fights as if twice or more its size.

Food Rating

Game Rating : 8/10

Game Description :

Excellent; less red meat than most Jacks.

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