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We have the best fish in the world, so naturally we needed the best shipping system in the world to go with it. HawaiianSeafood has created our own heavy duty/ yet light customized corugated shipping box built to withstand the travel from Hawaii to the furthest eastern cities of our nation.  Our box has a pretty exterior, its true, however the reflective marterial utilized serves a vital purpose as it repells external radiant heat, adds to the boxes overall rigidity and also helps to keep the box dry in transit. All HawaiianSeaofood product will be shipped: In our customized box with Syrofoam inserts, cryovaced, bagged in mylar, firmly packed in bubble wrap and will possess twice the recommeneded number of gel "cold packs" to ensure a consistent temperature controlled environment of between 35- 40 degrees.

The Box

Cushion Safeguard & Breathability

Keeping it Cold