The “Simple” Definition

The activities involved in catching wild fish or shellfish, or a group of species that share the same habitat can all be defined as a “fishery.” More complex, others will say that fisheries are

complex wild food production systems that can be in freshwater, estuarine, and marine environments.  Further, a “fish farm” (or hatchery) is not a “fishery”, but may be an important component of a fishery. 

A more exact definition of a fishery can include:

  • Location
  • Purpose
  • Environment
  • Fishing Method
  • Target Species
  • Management Jurisdictions

Location (Fisheries)

Purpose (Fisheries)

Managing Fisheries with Different Purposes

Defining Fisheries by Environment

Environment (Fisheries)

Fishing Method (Fisheries)

Target Species (Fisheries)

Management Jurisdiction (Fisheries)

Some of the American Fisheries would be…

Some of the Hawaiian Fisheries would be…

These Types of Fisheries DO NOT EXIST in Hawaii...