NOAA Fisheries Service, (also known as the National Marine Fisheries Service) is the Federal agency responsible for marine fisheries management in the United States. The agency is the U.S. authority on marine fisheries science, fish stock assessments, conservation, and fisheries management for sustainability. Fisheries management involves regulating when, where, how, and how much fishermen are allowed to harvest to ensure that there will be fish in the future. Another critical element of NOAA Fisheries Service’s mission is to make fisheries data and information available to the general public, including seafood consumers. NOAA’s Fish Watch website ( and support of the Hawaii Seafood Council informational website on Hawaii fisheries and seafood ( help to advance this mission.

Hawaii Longline Association

The Hawaii Longline Association (HLA) is the organization dedicated to advancing the common interest of Hawaii fishermen, individuals and businesses in our community involved in longline fishing. HLA is an active participant in the fisheries management process. As a key stakeholder, HLA plays a vital role in maintaining the Fishery Management Plan for the fishery that leads to regulations and management actions that keep our fishery sustainable. HLA is involved in research and development of practical solutions for reducing the adverse impacts of fishing on protected species. And it shares these solutions with other fisheries around the Pacific to achieve a broader impact of practical conservation measures. They have pioneered efforts, developed new techniques to ensure responsible fishery operations and will continue to be an integral part of the effort to preserve and sustain our valuable fisheries.

Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council

The Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council (WPRFMC) is one of the regional fishery management councils in the U.S. mandated by the Magnuson-Stevens Fishery Conservation and Management Act. Its primary role is to formulate and maintain Fishery Management Plans (FMPs) for American fisheries in the Central and Western Pacific. FMPs are formulated and amended with the best available scientific advice as well as diverse stakeholder input through a transparent public process. FMPs are proposed fishery management rules and actions to keep the fishery operating within sustainable limits. FMPs are submitted to NOAA for review, rule making and enforcement.

United Fishing Agency, Ltd.

The United Fishing Agency operates the Honolulu Fish Auction at Pier 38 in Honolulu, Harbor. The fish auction provides a pivotal service to fishermen and the market in promoting high quality, high value seafood, assuring seafood safety and helping to communicate with Hawaii’s commercial fishermen. The United Fishing Agency plays a central role integrating the Hawaii fishing and seafood sectors. It supports responsible fishing and sustainable seafood in Hawaii.