Gift Sets

This gift may be for a food-loving friend or family member, or it might even be for yourself.  With this in mind, we have created three gift set package categories (Poke, Grilling & Sushi).  These three categories showcase our award winning Ahi (the best Hawaiian wild-caught tuna you can purchase), as well as a few other of the Hawaiian Islands most sought after fish species.  All of the fish that is selected for our purchased Gift Packages will be personally hand-selected by our fish quality experts. Literally, the best of the best and the freshest of the fresh.  We will be using our company’s packaging system which guarantees that our fish will stay ice cold (under 40 degrees) untill it reaches the lucky recipient.  All Gift Sets are shipped via a Customzed FedEx Box direct to your door, meaning that the fish will be coming directly from the ocean to the dinner plate within 24-48 hours. Gift Sets (View Here)

Gift Cards

Digital Gift Cards are available for purchase here on the website.  This is the perfect gift to show both appreciation and respect.  You may also not know the species that is most desired/ preferred by your gift recipient, and that’s when our Gift Cards will save the day!  Order the Gift Card Online and have it emailed direct to the gift recipient or to yourself for further decorating or wrapping.  Ordering Gift Cards takes almost no time at all. It’s very simple.  Click Here to get started.


When you decide to join our monthly seafood subscription program, you will receive the absolute freshest seafood from Hawaii’s nutrient rich blue waters on the first Thursday of each month for the time-period that you have selected. The fish that is selected will be the Catch of the Day, which means it could be any of our Hawaiian offered species.  The Catch of the Day is dependent upon what is considered by our experts to be the most delicious and freshest that day! If there certain fish types that you know you do not wish to have sent to you, of course you can set that up in your subscription so we only send you the species you want or are most interested in trying. 

Subscriptions are available for 3 months and 6 months. In each monthly shipment, you will be receiving (6) 8-ounce “Catch of the Day” steaks.  Delivery is always set for the first Thursday of each month, and a notification will be sent to you one week prior and also again sent to you when your order has shipped. Our delivery schedule for subscription orders cannot be altered.  Our monthly seafood subscriptions can  also make great gifts for your closest friend, relatives or business associates! All of our Fish is caught using eco-friendly fishing methods and comes direct from the Ocean to your door step within 24-48 hours, guaranteed.   

Three Month Subscription ($245)

Three pounds of fresh Hawaiian seafood delivered each month for three months.

Six Month Subscription ($395)

Three pounds of fresh Hawaiian seafood delivered each month for six months.