The Pre Hawaiian Ahi that we are providing to our customers is

“The Best of the Best” and the “Freshest of the Fresh.” 

There is absolutely nothing in the world that compares.

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For generations, tuna has been graded based upon a Japanese Fish Market numbering system that is mainly based on color of the fish. This is the most commonly found and used grading system and from low-end to high-end its goes… 2, 2+, 1-, 1, 1+ and 1++.  For many years, we also used this same system until we decided that it just wasn't accurate enough. We felt, as a team, that a grading scale that is founded primarily on a fish’s color (which can be preserved or faked) is simply not adequate for our pure choice selected Ahi.  Therefore, in addition to color, at our fish purchasing experts are looking for excellence in four other grade determining factors as well: Translucency, Water Content, Fat Content and pH levels. 

Determining the Quality and Overall Grades of our Fish

At has our own Grades of Ahi

How the Tuna is Prepared