About the Auction

The Honolulu Fish Auction is considered the anchor of the Hawaiian Islands Commercial Fishing Fleet and it is located on Pier 38.  Honolulu’s Fish Auction is literally the only fish auction between Tokyo and Maine. In fact, it’s the only fresh tuna auction of its kind in the United States. On a Daily basis, the Fishing boats tie up and unload their catch in the early morning hours just a few feet from this modern, state-of-the-art facility.

“It’s the only fresh tuna auction of its kind in the United States.”

The United Fishing Agency started the Honolulu Fish Auction on August 5, 1952 and they still operate it today with a new facility that is located dockside on Pier 38. In other parts of the world, fishermen sell their fish to wholesalers who generally dictate prices. However, the United Fishing Agency came up with a better way to Auction fish that allows the independent fishermen to sell their catch at a fair price and, in turn, enables auction buyers representing the wholesale, retail and restaurant sectors to get the freshest available fish. The Honolulu Auction has an open and competitive bidding environment of buyers, that rewards higher quality fish with higher prices. Supply, Demand and Quality market conditions produces fair pricing for the range of fish species and the grade of the fish.  The Honolulu Fish Auction is based upon the famous Tokyo Fish and Seafood auction, where large fish and other species are sold individually, rather than by an entire boatload to a single wholesaler. The auctions platform provides a marketing service for fisherman and helps them with quality improvement initiatives and value added services, which assists the fisherman in achieving the best market driven prices for their catch. The Honolulu Fish Auction also guarantees that the fishermen are paid the same day for their catch, which no doubt has kept everyone working together for more than 50 years. A constant supply of fresh fish, every day, from the worlds most beautiful and clean ocean waters.

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