The Best of the Best and Freshest of the Fresh!

Hawaiian caught seafood is considered a premium product as these majestic islands consistently deliver the absolute highest achievable grades of seafood in the ocean.  As you may have noticed when dining out, our Hawaiian Seafood is regularly featured in some of the best restaurants around the country and around the world. This Award-Winning reputation didn’t come easy, as it was earned through the combined efforts of Hawaii’s hardworking fishermen, the Honolulu fresh fish auction, wholesalers, local and renowned chefs, and through promotional efforts that have helped to introduce the country to fresh Hawaiian seafood.  To make sure that Hawaii’s fresh fish stays among the highest quality of seafood available anywhere, and that we continue to be appreciated in the most discriminating seafood markets, our industry has developed and adopted best practices for proper fish handling and quality control, both at sea and on shore.   

All fish is caught in or around the Hawaiian Islands, and nowhere else. NOTHING IS IMPORTED!  
We provide pure Hawaiian, sustainably caught species from our beautiful blue waters, hand selected and rigorously inspected.