Fishing and food from the sea are essential to Hawaii’s people, it’s multi-cultural food traditions, our regional cuisine and visitor experience. It’s part of who we are and what makes Hawaii so special. Reconnecting people with local food sources is critical for preserving food traditions and production capacity in Hawaii both on land and from the sea. Local seafood is vital to the health, well-being, and food self-suf ciency of our island state. Widespread respect for our ocean and coastal environment and resources is crucial if we are to preserve the natural “seafood pantry” for future generations.

Therefore, here at we take great responsibility and pride in this very important issue of seafood sustainability.  The practice of seafood sustainability is a commitment and base principle that has been embedded in our company from the beginning, as it is a direct reflection of the seafood that we are buying and selling, and where the fish was sourced as well as caught.  participates only with fishing boats and seafood suppliers who are following guidelines that continually improve seafood sustainability, as well as help protect ocean ecosystems by not over fishing or using environmentally-destructive fishing methods. Therefore, all of our fish are exclusively hook-caught by the local sport fishing fleets, bottom fisherman and/or the licensed Hawaiian Longliners… and no one else! We also do not allow any of our seafood buyers to ever purchase fish that have not reached reproductive maturity.


The Hawaiian Fishery is one of the best examples of a Sustainable Fishery as our marine management model is carefully monitored and intensely studied to ensure the continuance of our precious resources, year after year and for generations to come. To find out more about responsibly enjoying Hawaiian Seafood, please visit


Hawaii Fisheries are Sustainable.

The Hawaii longline fishery produces sustainable seafood.

The Hawaii fishery management system is exemplary.

Hawaii's track record of precautionary measures.

Key Elements of the Hawaii's Longline Fisheries Management.

Performance of the fishery management system.

Consumers can use sustainable Hawaii Seafood with confidence.